Saying Hello to Your New Neighbours

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New neighbours are entirely hit-or-miss when it comes to how pleasant, tolerant, and friendly they may be. You can unluckily get neighbours that seem to actively want to cause you trouble, but you can also form life-long friendships with the people next door. When you move in, it is important to say “hello”, and just this can make a big difference. This article considers befriending the new neighbours.

Meeting the New Neighbours

When you see a removal truck pulling up next door, it is very easy to discern that you will soon be getting some new neighbours to share your street with. A friendly gesture can go an extremely long way, and simply going round to say “hello” to those unpacking the truck can make a big difference in welcoming them to the area. It is very likely that they will not have the basics set up in their new home before they arrive, so taking some cool drinks to refresh them, whilst they work, is an act that will immediately win you friends.

A Friendly Gesture

Despite being very exciting, moving into a new home is incredibly nerve-racking and difficult to do. Anyone that has moved into a new house will invariably be tired, and somewhat worn andstressed out for, at least, the first few weeks. Making a kind gesture to welcome them to the neighbourhood can be exactly what they need to boost their confidence once again, and to get them feeling happy in the new area.

Taking some welcome gift hampers to their home is a very good deed, because it will provide them with some much-needed snacks, and some creature comforts with which to unwind in their new home. A thoughtful gift will make a hugely significant difference to your long-term relations with them.

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Moving Beyond a Crush

February 5, 2014 admin 0
 Taking the step from crushing to dating can actually feel more like leaping off a cliff. While having a crush is exciting, taking action to move forward requires a lot of courage. It’s not easy waltzing up to someone you previously admired only from afar, and asking them out so here are some tips for building up the confidence to turn a crush into a date.

1. Is Your Crush Compatible?

Before you take the leap, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your crush is someone you really want to date. It can be hard to tell at first because sometimes crushes hold the potential of love, but often turn out to be temporary and superficial. Take the time to get to know your crush before you ask them out, and only pursue something if the two of you are compatible.

2. Start Flirting

If you have determined that your crush is worthy of your affections, then it’s time to start flirting. Flirting is a very handy tool that allows you to signal your romantic interest without putting yourself out there too much. Start by giving them mild compliments, asking questions and using playful body language and slight touching to make a connection. Try to gauge the reaction of your crush and wait until they start flirting back before you continue with your plans.

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Buying Gifts for Mother and Child

January 18, 2014 admin 0
For many women, becoming a mother for the very first time is an exciting but scary time. Luckily, there are a lot of terrific gift ideas out there that are both practical and fun for a new mum, and that help to give her the extra special attention that she deserves. If you want to get the perfect gift for a new mum in your life, read on for some popular ideas.

A Comfortable Seat and a Hip Travel Bag

New mums (and dads) will be spending a lot of time sitting and rocking the baby during those long night-time feedings, and they would be a whole lot more comfortable if they had a rocking chair or glider. Obviously, this gift is a little more expensive, but if you can get a few other people to chip in, it really makes for a great gift.

A travel bag has many uses: it’s a first-aid kit, a pantry, an entertainment centre and a change table all rolled into one. And while travel bags must be practical enough to hold everything new parents might need, they should also be stylish enough that mum would be happy to carry it around with her everywhere she goes. A travel bag makes for a perfect gift, but when choosing one, try to steer clear of pastel colours, cartoon characters and other gaudy decorations, and get something sleek and sophisticated instead.

Breastfeeding Support

What mostpeople without kids don’t realise is that breastfeeding can actually be quite uncomfortable. Not only that, but it occurs regularly throughout the day, which only magnifies the discomfort. That is why a new motherloves gifts such as nursing pillows, which helps keep the baby positioned properly while supporting her back, arms and elbows.

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Rainy Day Activities With Your Partner

September 16, 2013 admin 0
Having a rainy day with your partner can be a blessing in disguise. It is a chance to spend some time together, which can be hard to do in today’s fast-paced modern society. But what to do? Here are some rainy day activity ideas, from organising an indoor picnic complete with flowers for that outdoors feel, to digging out those old board games.

Board games

Playing board games is enjoying a resurgence after many years of being thought of as old-fashioned entertainment. There is now a wealth of old favourites and new versions of the classics available that are great to help kill some time or enjoy being with someone you care for. Check in the toy section next time you are doing the shopping and stock up ready for a rainy day. Or there is every chance you can find that old tattered box with Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble in the back of the cupboard at home. Not only do board games give you the opportunity to spend some time with others, they also improve brain function.

Be Masterchefs

There is a Masterchef in all of us just waiting to be unleashed, and what better way to discover our cooking skills than on a day when it is bucketing down outside. Cooking with your partner can be a great meeting of culinary minds and you can set yourselves some challenges that you may not otherwise have the time to try. Test yourselves by coming up with a dish from just a few ingredients or using what you already have in the pantry or fridge. You can pull out your recipe books and have a go at cooking something you have always wanted to try before, or simply prepare some food for lunches or dinners during the working week. Whatever you do, make sure you do lots of taste testing and remember that food is good for the soul.