What Type of Gate for Your Home

garden gate
Installing a gate at the front of your home can be an excellent addition for the sake of security, but determining what sort of gate to get is never easy. The installation of a gate will have a positive affect on the security of your home and it can greatly reduce the cost of car insurance quotes too. There are endless types of driveway gates and each has their own benefits to consider. This article considers everything from the rustic look to the maximum-security gate.

The Rustic Look

The rustic picket style look is a very popular choice of gating for homes. These heavy wooden gates provide good security for your home and look attractive whilst they do so. They are available as manual or automatic gates and will require only very low levels of maintenance to treat the wood every year. The biggest problem with these rustic style fences is that they require a great deal of space in which to swing open. This can be very limiting in a small driveway and you will need to be careful to ensure that the gate can actually open and close with the cars parked in the driveway.

Security Barriers

Security barriers are in many ways a less attractive option for security in your home. Security barriers often look like the ones found in car parks, but they can be purchased in more subtle colours too. The main benefit of a security barrier setup is that they take up very little space and are very secure. Security barriers generally open vertically so they only really use a very small amount of space to provide the security.

Maximum Security Gates

The maximum-security gates that are available generally come with a complete fencing setup too. With high security barriers and gates that are operated by a code, these maximum security gates will be effective at keeping people out of your driveway and away from your home. The same problem of space usage usually occurs with these high security gates, however, as they necessarily swing in to allow entry to the driveway. High security gates can look impressive and be incredibly secure too, but they will come with a high price tag.

What to Consider

Buying a gate for your home can be more complicated than you would first think. You will need to think seriously about what your needs really are before making a move to install a gate. Some gates demand significant space that may be too much for your driveway. The decision of automatic vs manual gates is also a significant decision that you may feel differently about in the rain. Additionally you will need to consider whether you require pedestrian access aside from the vehicle access and how this will be achieved. There are many different styles and types of gates to choose from, but the decision reaches far further than just aesthetics and security. All gated driveways will benefit from reduced premium costs, but the usability of different gates will vary significantly.