Weight Loss Diets To Try

Diets to try

There are so many diets out there that most people looking to lose some weight are overwhelmed with information. It’s not just a case of looking at some simple facts and making a choice – you’re presented with strong opinions on whether a diet is good or bad for you wherever you turn. Hearing stories about dangerous diets can be very worrying, and it’s true that some should be avoided given our current medical knowledge, and you should be wary about trying too many different extreme diets. However, there are a few straightforward ones that have been tried and tested by many people with positive results, and you might consider these.

1) The 5:2 Diet

One of the most popular diets of the last few years, this involves fasting and restricting your calorie intake on two non-consecutive days each week, and relaxing a little for the other five days. The focus is on being more sustainable than a non-stop diet, something most people find difficult. This diet requires some caution and plenty of exercise to supplement it, but it’s very manageable and effective for many people.

2) The New Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet received a lot of negative press when its high profile creator died of a heart attack. Until then it had been widely celebrated due to its fast weight loss effects, but following the controversy it had to be revised, resulting in a modern update years later that’s slightly less aggressive. It includes a lot of meat and saturated fat which puts many people off, and focuses on restricting carbohydrates significantly. The quick weight loss most people experience in the early stages can be very motivating which makes this a relatively popular diet even today.

3) WeightWatchers

A powerful brand that rose in popularity massively in the 2000s, WeightWatchers offers a simple system that makes limiting your daily calorie intake more straightforward and sustainable. Instead of counting calories, all foods are assigned ProPoints based on several nutritional values, and you need only count them to stay under your limit. WeightWatchers also includes a social element with weekly meetings and weigh-ins, so you have some community support to motivate you. This diet has remained popular for many years and helps a lot of people maintain a healthy diet.