Top 5 Redecoration Trends This Year

What’s one thing that will never go out of style? Changing your style, of course! When it comes to the home, there’s nothing really more fun than completely revamping a room, but we don’t just do it for fun. Functionality really has to be accounted for, although we have to leave some room for innovation and a little fun. Technology is also finding new ways of sneaking into our homes all the time, which necessitates regular updates. Overall there are certain trends emerging for 2017, and here are the top 5 as far as we can tell.

Environmental Efficiency

With major redevelopments, it usually makes sense for people to focus on highly efficient appliances, water and heating systems. Not only do these save money in the long run on energy bills, but high tech developments have made them more affordable from the outset compared to older, less environmentally friendly systems.

Low Maintenance

This trend is being especially popularised by the young adult demographic. Millennials who are moving out into their own places are steering away from housework as much as possible, which puts the focus on low maintenance furnishings and fittings. Simple surfaces that look smooth, resist scratches and are easy to clean are favoured over fussy, awkward designs.

Luxury Appliances

At the high end of the market for kitchen appliances and similar big ticket items, luxury is only getting more luxurious. The most expensive units now come with complex built-in systems that work over Wi-Fi to notify owners of any technical problems. For those that can afford them, the most high tech appliances are only increasing in popularity.

Restaurant Kitchens

If there’s one trend that’s really finding its way into the kitchens of the coolest interior designers this year, it’s taking inspiration from restaurant kitchens and putting these elements in the context of home cooking. This is all about recreating the authentic experience of a high end restaurant without having to go out, whether it’s a pizzeria or a premium barbeque.

Virtual Reality

For many years people have loved using online tools and software to simulate their homes in order to plan their redesign and refurbishment projects. However, with the gradual development in virtual reality technology that we have seen over the past couple of years, these simulations can be even more realistic and helpful. This is still an experimental feature, but a few apps are letting people walk around and interact with their new rooms virtually before they even start the project!