Toning Down Aggressive Marketing

Aggressive marketing can often be used when it comes to promoting and advertising your business. In some instances, and particularly in large corporations, aggressive marketing can be used to outshine competitors, gain market share, grow brand awareness and inform consumers.

While some aggressive marketing tactics, like news appearances, radio ads, billboards and sponsorship can be beneficial for companies and consumers alike, there are other instances where aggressive marketing is not best practice. From pushy flyers to telemarketing and SEO, here is what you should avoid or tone down in your marketing campaigns.

Advertising content

Believe it or not, some advertising and marketing content can be extremely pushy and aggressive. Common phrases can include “buy now!” or “sign up before it’s too late!” or “make $10,000 in the first week!” While there is nothing explicitly wrong with this, it can serve to alienate consumers. This kind of advertising also creates a bad impression of your company and can make your business seem like a scam.

Instead, try appealing to consumer emotions and reminding them of the benefits of teaming up with your brand, product or service. Great advertising content should inform and educate, as well as sell.

Telemarketing and cold calling

Telemarketing and cold calling was once the backbone of marketing, as were door-to-door salesmen. However, aggressive telemarketing can result in angry consumers, lots of hang-ups and a bad impression for your brand. If you do need to engage in telemarketing and cold calling, ensure you obtain your contact lists legally and from a relevant source (e.g., your existing customer base). Calling people out of the blue who have never before interacted with your brand is never a good idea.

If you find that telemarketing is not working for you, look into pouring your investment into another marketing area with a potential for higher returns (e.g., digital). At the very least, this will help you cut down the cost of your phone systems and the number of employees required for your campaign.


Email marketing is a huge benefit when it comes to online marketing, but spammy email marketing will often get you nowhere. Spam emails are emails sent to users not on your subscriber list or emails that contain no relevant content for your customers.

While you may not realise it, spamming is a bad aggressive marketing tactic and should be stopped instantly. Instead, find out what your customers like and want to hear about and use this inform your email marketing messages.

SEO techniques

Google has begun to crack down more and more in the past months on website owners practising black hat SEO techniques. While these aggressive techniques may have worked, they are considered to be “illegal” by Google and can result in severe penalties, such as being banished from search engines.

SEO practices like link farming, link spamming, keyword stuffing, hidden text and anchor text matching should be avoided. Instead, use good SEO methods such as producing quality content and developing link volumes organically (e.g., via a backlink campaign).