Tips for Holidaying With Dogs

Whether it’s a Skegness or Scotland, sometimes what to do with your dog can often be a source of trouble for many would-be holiday goers.

Finding a boarding kennel that can accommodate your beloved furry friend can sometimes be difficult, as can affording the hefty boarding fees. And, for some of us, the thought of sticking our pet in a boarding kennel is enough to make us sick with worry.

However, your pet doesn’t need to be a dampener on your holiday plans. Many holiday goers are now choosing to take their animals with them and this has seen a rise in holiday places tailored to meet you and your pet’s needs.

What shall be covered below are some useful (and essential) tips for planning a pet-friendly holiday.

Tip 1: Pet-Friendly Accommodation

It is essential when choosing to holiday with your pet that you source out and book accommodation that is pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly accommodations are designed to meet the needs of people who are holidaying with pets, so they have special areas for pets to run around and play in and pets are also often allowed to stay inside your accommodation.

However, when booking pet-friendly accommodation, contact them and find out exactly what their rules and regulations concerning pets are. This is to make sure that it’s suited to you and your pet.

Tip 2: Bringing Some of Your Pet’s Favourite Things

When taking pets out of their usual surroundings it can be both an exciting and a daunting experience for them. It’s really important to keep your pets calm, as frightened and disorientated pets can become disruptive, unwell and may even try to run away.

One way you can help keep your pets in their comfort zone is by bringing some of their familiar objects, like their food bowl, their bed and their favourite toys. Also, bringing their lead is a must!

Tip 3: Plan Your Holiday with Pet Friendly Activities

There is no point in taking your pet on holidays if you don’t intend to spend any time with them. Your pet might not be able to join in all your holiday activities, but you should try to design a holiday itinerary that also contains things that you and your pet can do together.

So, when looking at holiday destinations, also do some research into the kinds of things that you want to see and do that your pet can also do. Try looking for parks and beaches that permit dogs, or other areas that you can take them for a walk and a play.

Tip 4: Be Environmentally Conscious

When holidaying there may be a number of eco-sensitive sites or attractions that you might want to visit, which are also home to a number of native animals. Some of these areas require dogs to be on a lead and some prohibit dogs completely. It’s important that you follow these rules and are environmentally conscious on you pet-friendly holiday.

Make sure you know the rules and regulations (concerning pets) of the holiday sites and attractions you are going to visit. You don’t want to be landed with a hefty fine and or have a negative impact on the environment.