The Financial Burdens of a Funeral

Funerals are expensive things. Whilst it is possible to opt for the bare minimum, this is not the right way to see off a dearly beloved family member. Even the most basic of funerals will cost you a few thousand dollars and a relatively nice one will cost you between £10,000 and £15,000. Unless this sort of money is loose pocket change for you, then it seems sensible to prepare for the burden of these costs.

Thankfully, it is possible to make arrangements so that your family does not need to scrabble for cash in the weeks after your death, just so they can give you a good send off. This article considers options for paying for your funeral upfront, so you family doesn’t have to.

Life insurance

Life insurance is an aspect of life that becomes very frustrating. It is something that you have to pay for, but which will never directly give you any benefit. What it does give you, however, is peace of mind in knowing that even after your death, your family will be ok.

Insurance of this kind should cover the value of your mortgage and provide enough cash reserves to leave your family comfortable after your wake. This insurance can also be used to pay for your funeral expenses, but there are some things to consider in this case.

When looking for your life insurance quotes it is important to take note of the payment periods that can be expected. In some cases the period for payouts will be much greater than the time before the funeral. This means that you would not be able to use these cash reserves to pay for it. Similarly, if there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, then payouts can be delayed for as much as a year or more.

Funeral Cover Insurance

Another option for covering your funeral is to take out funeral insurance cover. This cover is specifically for funeral costs and is designed to be paid out within a matter of days to relieve the stress of financial burdens. This type of cover should not be taken out in isolation from life insurance because it does nothing to protect the ongoing financial position of the family you are leaving behind. It is, however, a great way to ensure that you can get a good funeral and a proper send off without bringing hardship upon your family.


The final alternative for paying for a funeral is to make savings for the event. If you have cash reserves then it is possible to build into your will that a certain portion of this be spent on your funeral. Making a will is another important part of making arrangements for your death. It will be this which determines how your estate is divided between family members and it will also allow you to make arrangements from beyond the grave. You can use it, for example, to determine your wish to have your ashes scattered in your favourite place and it will ensure that this is done.