Remodelling Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Enjoying your home lifestyle becomes much better when you have a fun and relaxing outdoor entertainment area. However, if your backyard or patio has seen better days, then you will want to do some remodelling. Read on for ideas to improve the look of your alfresco area and give it a makeover.


Investing in some type of shade is vital for any outdoor entertainment area. This will provide protection from the sun and rain. Sheltering options include outdoor awning and blinds, pergola, shade sails, retractable sunroof and shade umbrellas. Your choice of shade will be the foundation of your outdoor entertainment, which will encourage your guests to venture beyond your house and mingle.


Your outdoor entertainment area will not be accommodating without somewhere to sit. You will at least need a dining table, enough chairs for your guests, and some smaller and portable tables for placing food and drinks. If you want a laidback outdoor seating area, you can set up an outdoor lounge and armchairs for your patio under your awnings. Also add cushions with interesting prints, textures and patterns that will go well with your furniture. For a simpler look, you can turn some timber boxes into seats by placing comfortable sitting cushions on top.

Other furniture options you might want to include are day beds and hammocks. Whatever outdoor furniture you use, ensure the fabric is durable and UV resistant.


You will often be entertaining during the evening so of course you will need lights for your outdoor area. Beyond the usual light globe, your lighting can be used to create atmosphere and ambience. Lighting options include candles and mosquito repellent lights. For your garden, you can use path lights, fairy lights or garden torches.


Your choice of paving is important for your whole backyard or patio area. Options include stylish decking, stone, bricks, tiles, ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic is the best choice if you are on a budget as it is easy to clean and maintain. Make sure you opt for a simple look as an intricate design or pattern can make your garden look too busy. Other ideas include a small footpath or some stepping stones to lead through the garden.


For your patio, consider hanging some wall plants to give off a “green” vibe. For your garden, shop for quality pots and plants that will decorate or enhance its overall look. Ask your nursery for recommendations and maintenance requirements for your plants. Make sure the ones you buy can handle a lot of sunlight.


Your swimming pool can potentially be the man focal point of your backyard and obviously be the entertaining area for the swimmers. To really upgrade its look, you can have a waterfall and lights added to your pool with the help of a swimming pool design or construction company. You can also look into pool supplies, palm trees, and designs for decking and paving.

As a great addition, you can also install a spa away from the pool. This will give you and your guests an ideal place to relax and unwind.