Redesigning Your Business Look

We live in a time of rapid changes, evolving businesses and adjusting markets, and if you want your business to stay in the game then your brand must reflect this. When you redesign your brand, your company takes on a new identity in the marketplace, helping you to reach new markets, update your image, market a new product or service, and develop new business partnerships.

Refreshing your brand shows your ability to transform and adapt to changes, which is appealing to both new and old customers, and can be something as small as redesigning your shop window to something as large as a complete overhaul of product packaging. If you feel like your image needs to be freshened up, here are some tips:

Understand the Reason for Changing

Before you can make a lasting and successful change, it’s important to understand why you want to change your look. Are you losing customers? Do you want new customers? Are the markets heading in a different direction to your business? Do you want to make new partnerships?

Once you understand exactly why a change is in order, your course of action will become more obvious and you won’t spend unnecessary amounts of time fixing an aspect of your image that isn’t broken.

Change Your Logo

Your brand is the strongest visual connection between your business and consumers, and the logo is an integral factor. With your logo, people should be able to recognise your brand, immediately know your products, and even understand a little bit about the core values of your business – all within a short scan of the eye. Keep this in mind when you change your logo, as you need to maintain your corporate identity and the promise of your brand so that you don’t scare away old customers while looking toattract new attention. Do some research and even hire a professional designer so that your new logo will embody your old business, the new direction of your business as well as what is modern in today’s markets.

Update Your Business Values

While the logo is very important, how consumers perceive your capabilities and values is also a key feature of your overall look. If your business is being fundamentally altered and your business values don’t reflect the changes, then your company could be overlooked or misinterpreted by consumers.

If your business values suddenly change, then the changes need to be reflected in the way you do business, the partnerships you have, and the way you and your staff communicate with customers. Changing your look isn’t just about a face-lift, but a complete overhaul of the way you do business.

Introduce Your New Brand

An important step in refreshing the look of your business is reaching out to people and introducing the world to your new appearance. First and foremost, tell your customers about the changes either via email, social media, your website or a direct mail campaign.

Next, you need to get the new visuals out there by covering all the main touchpoints with your new logo, such as signage, company vehicles, clothing, and so forth. Order promotional items that have your new logo on them and start giving them away any chance you get. It’s time to market your new brand, and reusable shopping bags, pens, clothing and drink containers are all great promotional items that will get noticed.