Activities to do in Scotland


Scotland is generally a pretty diverse country in terms of its landscape and attractions. The weather is relatively uniform across the country, though, with temperatures changing based mostly on a person’s elevation. The summer months are sunny and particularly good for going to the beach, while the chillier months of spring and autumn are prime time to visit the Scottish Highlands and participate in more gruelling outdoor activities.

Without a doubt, the most popular thing done by most travellers during holidays is simply unwinding and relaxing in the country’s scenic settings. When something must be put on the agenda, though, the best activities vary by locations. At caravan sites like Seton Sands, the most popular activity is definitely lying by the beach and enjoying the rhythm of the waves.

Converting a van to a campervan for your holiday

Buying your own caravan, park home or motorhome can be expensive, while the options available can be pretty standard and may not be suitable for your requirements.

One way to save money and get exactly what you want is by using a van to camper conversions company. This option allows you to convert your van into a campervan or motorhome, and add bespoke extras such as elevating roofs, your choice of upholstery and different types of windows.

Conversions are relatively low cost at just £5000 for the basic option, and as everything is bespoke you can even add additional features at a later date if you’re on a budget.

Camping in Scotland

campingAt parks located within the Scottish Highlands, hiking and nature walks are particularly popular with travellers. So, too, are more academic pursuits that take advantage of the natural setting for research and other hobbies.

Camping is one of the top activities for travellers in Scotland. You can join organised campsites or go wild camping to some of the remote areas in the countryside. To camp safely and responsibly, here are a few guidelines as noted in Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code:

– Leave no trace of campfire and leave the area as you have found it

– Carry a trowel and properly bury any waste

– Never cut down or damage trees

– Always have a survival kit in tow in case of emergencies. Supplies should include: flashlights, a fire starter, a metal whistle, a folding knife, a waterproof blanket, and more. These can be typically bought in a ready package from outdoor supply stores.

– If unsure, always ask the landowner for advice.

Because it is such a small and compact country, sightseeing in major historical centres like Edinburgh is always at the top of every to-do list, especially for those who are visiting the country from particularly far-off international locales. Golf, too is one of the most popular activities for those on holiday. Golf did, after all, originate in Scotland!

A Prime Holiday Destination for All

The country is diverse and historic, scenic and enjoyable, and always relaxing. The number of great activities that can be done by caravan travellers on vacation is roughly limitless. From hiking to cycling, golf to surfing, there’s an activity that fits every taste. Be sure to explore all of the country’s many options during a caravan holiday, whether that means cycling to historic destinations or simply enjoying the relaxing, no-nonsense vibe that Scotland has brought to visitors for centuries.