Rainy Day Activities With Your Partner

Having a rainy day with your partner can be a blessing in disguise. It is a chance to spend some time together, which can be hard to do in today’s fast-paced modern society. But what to do? Here are some rainy day activity ideas, from organising an indoor picnic complete with flowers for that outdoors feel, to digging out those old board games.

Board games

Playing board games is enjoying a resurgence after many years of being thought of as old-fashioned entertainment. There is now a wealth of old favourites and new versions of the classics available that are great to help kill some time or enjoy being with someone you care for. Check in the toy section next time you are doing the shopping and stock up ready for a rainy day. Or there is every chance you can find that old tattered box with Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble in the back of the cupboard at home. Not only do board games give you the opportunity to spend some time with others, they also improve brain function.

Be Masterchefs

There is a Masterchef in all of us just waiting to be unleashed, and what better way to discover our cooking skills than on a day when it is bucketing down outside. Cooking with your partner can be a great meeting of culinary minds and you can set yourselves some challenges that you may not otherwise have the time to try. Test yourselves by coming up with a dish from just a few ingredients or using what you already have in the pantry or fridge. You can pull out your recipe books and have a go at cooking something you have always wanted to try before, or simply prepare some food for lunches or dinners during the working week. Whatever you do, make sure you do lots of taste testing and remember that food is good for the soul.

Have a film festival

What better way to spend a rainy day than snuggled up on the lounge enjoying a good film? With most households equipped with large flat screen televisions and quality sound systems, you can create your very own home theatre experience. Find a movie that you will both enjoy, turn down the lights, turn up the sound, take the phone off the hook and enjoy. Make sure you prepare some popcorn first and any other refreshments you think would help create that theatre atmosphere. If you have an entire rainy day to yourselves, why not make it a film festival and watch some classics back-to-back, or watch an entire series of your favourite television series.

Picnic indoors

Let’s be honest, there are those of us who are not going to be comfortable being stuck inside all day because of the weather. If this is you, then why not bring the outdoors inside? A great way to do this is to organise a picnic – something you would typically do on a fine spring day – and have it indoors. Pack a picnic basket with your favourite sandwiches, scones, muffins or breads and salads, add a nice bottle of wine and some plastic cups and you are on the way. Spread a picnic rug out on the loungeroom floor and then set up your picnic, just as you would as if the sun was shining outside. You can even add a vase of flowers to help create that outdoors feel. It’s a great way to beat the rainy day doldrums while still spending time together.