Promoting Your Business with Limited Resources

If you’ve been busy establishing your business, you’ve probably invested in manufacturing and administrative infrastructure. It’s critical to keep sales climbing, but you may not have the budget for any promotions. There are, however, many ways to market your business without breaking the bank. Here are some things to consider:

1. Customer Service

Aside from having the best product, the next best thing you can have is a reputation for looking after your customers. Word of mouth is still by far the best advertising a company can get. If you are in a service industry, it goes without saying that your service will make or break your business.

You may want to consider doing customer feedback surveys or monitoring sales calls to identify issues, as well as successful strategies in customer service. Investing in training for your service staff may be worth more to your business than an expensive TV advertising contract.

2. Location

Just being in the right location is also worth more than expensive advertising. In fact, the money you save being in a cheaper location, with less exposure, will soon be gobbled up in the advertising necessary to ensure people know you exist. Consider the type of business you’re in and the type of clientele you want to attract, and seriously think about where you want to set up shop too.

3. Use What You Got

If you’re driving around town, you could be using your vehicle to get your brand out there. Just like key rings, calendars and other promotional products, a magnetic sign on the side of your car is cheap to get, and while you’re mobile, it’s working for you. Take your branding into every aspect of your business, so that people instantly recognise your name and image – like on your Facebook page and website, on your letterhead, on the sandwich board out the front of your shop, and so on.

4. Get Found

In modern business, you need a website. This doesn’t mean you have to hire a team of IT professionals. There are many providers out there who can host your site at a minimal cost, but they will also provide you with site-building software that is essentially a drag-and-drop dream for the inexperienced.

Websites are one thing, but being listed in the phone directory is essential. People consistently turn to the local business listings to find a product or service, so make sure you’re in there.

5. Work It and Overhaul It

If you do shell out money for advertising in the paper or online, be sure to also grab hold of as many copies of the paper as you can, and post the link to your advertising or product information on social media, as well as any mailing lists you have established. Spreading the word, so to speak, is a great way to get some bang for your buck.

On the other hand, if you have been using some sort of promotional brochure or ad and want to change it up, why not just overhaul what you have instead of scrapping it altogether? Modernising your logo, changing the font in your name, or even a colour change can freshen your advertising without starting over. There are a lot of printing services on the market, especially online, so getting a competitive price for your print media should not be a problem.

There are many marketing plan templates and strategies you can research online, and there are also government departments specifically established to support small businesses. So why not have a chat with someone or do some research? You’ll be the name on everyone’s lips in no time.