Online Branding Basics

Creating a brand for your company means more than simply designing an outstanding logo; the entire representation of your business is at stake. This is why search engine optimisation is so vitally important, as well as developing a quality website, clearly defining your product or service, using social media effectively and providing quality customer service for positive reviews.

Here are some more online branding basics:

1. Create a Quality Website

(i) Products and Services

Your website is a representation of your business. It should be able to convey to customers what your business is all about, including the services and/or products you provide. A good website will also encourage customers to purchase products or services through an effective ‘call to action’.

(ii) Good Content = Traffic

But in order to do all of this, your website must have traffic. This means that you have to create content that will appeal to both search engines and visitors. The content needs to correlate with the search engines algorithms in order to move your site to the top of the rankings. But it should also interest the web users who visit your site.

2. Define Your Product or Service

Customers must know what you offer, and why your products and services are better than the competitors. Your website should address the customer’s questions and concerns about your products or services. This usually includes the cost of the product or service.

3. Use Social Media Effectively

To really get your brand out there, you need to use social media to develop a deeper relationship with your existing customer base, as well as spread the word to new people. Businesses should not try to use all of the social networks, but just the one or two where most of their customers are located.

To use social media effectively, you should:

  • Regularly add quality content; and
  • Interact with your followers.

Many businesses do not have the time to do this themselves, so it is recommended that they hire a brand design agency to do this (and other tasks) for them.

4. Provide Quality Customer Service

It does not matter how much marketing you do online, you will not improve your brand if you do not provide superior customer service. It does not take long for word to spread about the kind of customer service you offer; it’s even faster online, as people do not hesitate to make their opinions known on the social networks.

5. Generate Positive Feedback

If you want to generate positive reviews of your company, you must meet your customers’ every need. On Facebook and Twitter, your followers will spread the word about your business if they are satisfied. They will be your salespeople because they believe in your business. Their opinions will carry more weight with their social circle than any marketing campaign you devise.

To increase awareness of your brand online, you should create a high-quality website and utilise social media. You need to also let people know what your product or service is all about and provide quality customer service too. These steps will ensure that your brand is well recognised by your target market.