Measuring Customer Response Time

In business the customers are what determine whether you will be successful or not. There are many different factors that will affect a customer’s experience with you, but few of these are as important as customer response time.

Whenever a customer or a potential customer contacts you, it is vitally important that you make the effort to get back to them as soon as possible. This can be difficult in a market that utilises social media, but the faster you respond the better. This article considers response time and how to improve yours.

The Faster the Better

Your company response time is difficult to measure, but it is important to remain on top of it at all times. If a customer contacts you in the morning about a product, then they are unlikely to wait until the evening without ordering from another company that responded faster.

To get the best conversion rates for your customers, it is important to make your response time as fast as possible by making sure your systems are prepared for the issues.

Easy Contact

Being easy to contact is a vitally important first step. Your company web design should make contacting you as easy as possible and it should be easy to find your company’s contact number rapidly.

Easy contact does not stop there, however, and upgrading your telephone systems is the next important step. Integrating your phones with your database will enable you identify customers rapidly when they call and help them to solve their problems as quickly as possible. Such integration can improve service quality and improve efficiency too.

Access to Information

Your staff will then need to be useful when a customer reaches through to them. For a customer there is nothing more annoying than a customer service provider that is unable to provide them with the information that they need, so it is vitally important that you make every effort to provide all of the necessary information that they could need.

Stock levels, order lists and returns policies are just three of the many important bits of information that should be at the finger tips of your customer service providers.

Email Communication

Phone contact is nowhere near close to the only contact point that companies now have with customers and it is just as important that you deal with these communications rapidly. Email communication is an important example of this and your staff should be ready to deal with email requests.

An automatic reply that lets them know the expected time frame for a reply will help to reassure the customer, but it is then vitally important that you follow up within this time and live up to the promise. Ideally an email should have been replied to within a working day to maximise your chance of getting a sale.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your company, but it does come with communicative obligations. If someone comments on your social media page, it is then vitally important that you reply rapidly. Customers can see the posts made by other customers in this medium and it is thus important to solve issues rapidly.

If a customer posts about a problem and many others have faced the same problem, then your social media will quickly get out of hand. Being seen to offer quick and acceptable responses, however, will demonstrate your responsibility as a company.