Last Minute Father’s Day Planning

Father's Day Planning

Father’s Day is often overlooked, but it’s an important holiday and a good opportunity to make someone aware of how much you appreciate them, which is always something we can do more. Even if you haven’t planned far in advance, you can still make this Father’s Day one to remember by thinking it through carefully. Many people get stuck thinking about all the potential options and have no idea how to plan, but you can follow just a few simple steps.

1) What makes your dad happy?

Personal preference will of course dictate how you can make someone’s day enjoyable and special to them. Whatever your dad’s favourite activity might be, this will often form the basis of a great Father’s Day – you just need to take care of all the practical arrangements.

2) How can you fit your plans in?

Hopefully on Father’s Day everyone will be at home, since it always falls on a Sunday. Still, parents tend to have a lot to do at weekends! Think about everything your dad does and see what you can help out with in advance, and this will ensure you have time to relax and have some time for your Father’s Day activities, whether it’s going out somewhere or just having some family time.

Father's Day Gifts3) How can you make the day unique?

It’s time to get creative and come up with ways to make this Father’s Day special and memorable with the little details. It’s normally better to substitute expensive gifts with home-made ones, as your time and thought are worth more to your parents. A unique card or present you’ve made yourself, or even just the shared experience of what you do together on the day, can make all the difference.

4) Remember who the focus is on

Of course, if you make complex plans you will want to make sure they run smoothly. Sometimes this can make a day very special, but it can sometimes cause problems too, as schedules are hard to stick to especially if the other person doesn’t know in advance what you have in mind. Although it’s good to have ideas and facilitate doing fun activities together, you need to remember to let your dad choose how to spend the day and make it memorable whatever ends up happening.