Key Elements for Your New Exterior

swimming pool
It’s a big decision, but finally deciding to turn your outdoor space into a useful and beautiful landscape is one that many homeowners make when they want to extend the enjoyment their living space. If you are about to do up your yard, then consider the following as some key features you should include in order to get full enjoyment out of the space.

Lush Garden

Not only is a lush garden aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also has many practical purposes. Gardens and large plants also help to define spaces and create a comfortable environment by modifying light, temperature and humidity. You can also use plants in your yard to control noise and odour, and even to provide food for your family and the local wildlife. Having lots of plants of varying sizes and varieties will make your space far more fun, interesting and comfortable for you and your family to enjoy.

Swimming Pool

For those hot summer months, there is no better way to cool off than in your own backyard swimming pool. By adding a pool to your landscape, you will make it far more diverse and dynamic, and greatly increase its practicality. Not only will your family love having a pool as a chance to play and cool off together, but don’t be surprised if you start getting more visits from your mates, too! Make your pool really fun by getting heaps of pool supplies for the kids, such as a slide, inflatable raft and other pool toys.

Entertainment Area

No exterior is complete without a backyard entertainment area that has a patio made from natural stone pavers, comfortable patio furniture, and a barbeque. For those summer months when all you want to do is spend time outside, having an entertainment area where you can hang out with your family and friends is crucial. To make your patio more comfortable in the evening, invest in some lighting and heat lamps so that you can enjoy your space all night long.

Connective Hardscaping

Once you have all your favourite features set up in your yard, your will need a way to get between each one so that you can make full use of your space. Building pathways between your garden features, your swimming pool and your patio will help you interact more with your environment, and get from place to place more easily.


Every practical yard should have a decent amount of cover so that it can still be enjoyed in rainy or extremely sunny conditions. Awnings are great because you can use them only when you need to, and they can also help to keep the hot sun from entering your home. Pergolas are a favourite backyard cover especially for entertainment spaces or next to pools, and even gazebos are useful for keeping the weather out while you enjoy being outside. If you want to spend more time outside in your yard, a cover of some sort is an absolute necessity.

Motion Sensor Lighting

For a little added security for their yards, many people are turning to motion sensor lighting. These lights only come on when they sense movement, which can tip you off if you have an intruder in your yard. The other great thing about these lights is that they only come on when light is needed, so they help save energy as well.