Increasing Business Enquiries

To continue having successful business and communication, most companies should have their customers or clients calling in for appointments or orders. This makes it important for marketing campaigns to be focused on effective advertising that maintains or increases awareness, inquiries and sales for the company. This will also mean good communication from staff through good business phone systems.

Read on for how business enquiries and communication is reliant on effective marketing and advertising.

Increasing Business Enquiries through Flyers

Flyers can play a significant role in marketing your company and can help business grow by informing potential customers and clients about your products and services. You also need to include all contact information for the company, like phone number, address, website and email address.

Furthermore, an effective flyer encourages people to purchase immediately. You can include a coupon or special deal, such as a “Free Trial for First 100 Customers” or “20% Off Two-Day Sale!” These benefits will increase your response rates and business enquiries for your company.

Increasing Business Enquiries through Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent way to introduce your company’s name and are a tangible and personal approach to marketing and increasing business enquiries. They always come in handy when you interact with people through networking or when you randomly bump into a potential client.

You need to include your job title at the company and all contact details, so the client can stay in touch on a regular basis. It’s also worthwhile to use both sides of your business card to add more information or a call to action similar to a flyer, where you can include an offer like a free report or discount for their first visit.

Ensure you use a good business card printing company that will custom-design your cards so they look unique and professional.

Increasing Business Enquiries through Social Media

Social media is a very powerful marketing and advertising tool that can allow your company to connect with potential customers, clients, contacts and friends to grow and maintain your brand awareness and sales.

A Facebook page for your company gets a lot of people to recommend your products and services to their friends by sharing or liking your posts, thus extending your business network. Be sure to update your content regularly and post things that your demographic or customers will like, such as interesting photos, special offers and deals.

A Twitter account will also help to boost your exposure, as people can retweet your posts. Be sure to communicate regularly by following other people, posting comments on other tweets and responding to messages sent to you.

You can integrate your website with all of your social media marketing as well by including share buttons from Facebook and Twitter directly from the site.

Business Enquiries Need Good Communication

When customers and clients phone your company for appointments and orders, there should be good communication between them and the staff to ensure a smooth business service. Therefore, good office phone systems must be put in place to reflect customer needs.

Look for a company that specialises in business communication solutions and offers phone systems that improve productivity and cost efficiencies. Good phone system features include:

  • VoIP
  • Voicemail
  • Inbuilt call conferencing capability
  • Call forwarding
  • System directories
  • Menu-driven prompts

By having an effective phone system, your company will maintain and grow its customer base and business enquiries.