Home Improvements for Big Spaces

Buying a bigger house block is always a great investment. In fact, you may consider saving money by building your own kit home, so you can spend more on the land. But there is always a difficult balance between enjoying the space and using the space to its full advantage. If you have the big block and aren’t sure what to do with it, here are some ideas:

Vegetable Gardens

Putting in vegetable gardens will see you saving money on produce, as well as giving your kids or grandchildren the thrill of growing their own food. This, in turn, will encourage healthy eating habits.

Depending on the space you have, this might go from a single garden bed to rows of beds. It is possible to build your own beds from scratch using recycled timber or you can put in block beds. Seek advice on types of wood, tin and block that are suitable, as the materials will be exposed to water, fertilisers and plenty of sunshine.

You may also be able to enhance the area with some paving and cut down on mowing between the beds. Consider the location of the garden beds as well and which areas of the yard catch the best sun in all seasons. Installing an irrigation system is an excellent idea to avoid losing produce for want of time to water. Also think about incorporating a compost bin, and possibly even a small garden shed.

Playground and Gazebo

Having a deck or entertaining area set off the back door is a terrific idea, but have you considered a stand-alone staged gazebo in the backyard? A gazebo offers an idyllic shaded spot for meditation, reading and entertaining guests. Gazebos can be landscaped in almost any style, from Balinese to Victorian.

If you’re thinking about adding this type of relaxation area, it may be worth considering putting in a fort or playground close by. A play area for the kids is no longer relegated to a rusty, old swing set. Features that can be added include a giant chequerboard or cubbyhouse. A gazebo with an accompanying playground means you can enjoy a cuppa while the kids blow off some steam in the fresh air.

Pool and Entertaining

Extra space allows you to extend your outdoor living into a pool and entertainment area. As your home flows out into a deck or tiled outdoor kitchen, friends and family can enjoy cooling off in the pool. This sort of area can be used for lunchtime barbeques with the kids, through to evening pool parties with friends.

Consider additions such as a swim-up bar in the pool and outdoor misting fans to keep you comfortable. Maintenance can be kept at a minimum with an array of pool cleaners on the market designed to do the hard work for you. Also consider pool covers to prevent evaporation and nasties entering the pool.


Creating a feature in the yard is one option, but take into consideration the alternative of adding to your house itself. It may sound expensive; however, if you have some handyman skills, it’s highly likely there is a kit home company that can provide what is essentially a flat-packed room. These companies will work through the planning and design with you and offer advice regarding council approval and building options.

If you have made the investment in some extra land, why not put it to good use and add some value to your property.