Finding Money to Repair a Work Vehicle

As sure as death and taxes, cars will break down. While it is inconvenient and stressful, it doesn’t mean you still can’t hold down a job to make money to fix the repairs. It will take some adjustments, but before you know it, you’ll be back on the road again.

Here are some options to consider:

Take Public Transport or Hire or Borrow a Car

If your car is only going to take a day or two to get fixed, jump on the bus or train. It may be easier than you think.

Some jobs rely on using a car to get to business meetings, so public transport isn’t going to cut it. Ring around all the local car rental and hire car companies. Some do fantastic weekly deals, and if you explain the situation, they may offer a further discount. Also, make sure to read all the fine print, so you know exactly how much you’ll be up for.

Ask around family or friends if they can loan you their car, until yours is fixed. Some families have a second car that is rarely used, so front up.

Mechanicor Car Insurance Policy Courtesy Cars/Hire Cars

Some automotive workshops now offer a courtesy car you can use, while they conduct the repairs on your vehicle, particularly if it is a big job. Search the Internet or call around and ask if they can supply you with a courtesy car. Savvy mechanics will even drop off the vehicle to you and bring yours back when the repairs are completed.

Check your car insurance cover to see if you are entitled to a courtesy car or a rental car, while your vehicle is being repaired. Contact your insurer and explain the situation, and ask if there are any claim penalties for doing so.

Weekend Workshops or Mobile Mechanics

Many mechanics realise that weekends are the only time a lot of people can coordinate car repairs. Saturdays and Sundays are popular days, so call first to see if your car can be fixed on the weekend. Explain to them that you rely on your car to get to work, and ask if they can complete the job within this timeframe.

Or, you can bring the mechanic to you. A mobile mechanic can meet you at you workplace and fix your car, while you are busy earning your living! If they have a clear idea of what needs doing, you could have your vehicle fixed at work without any disruption to your day.

Carpool With Work Colleagues or Consider a New Car

Find out if any workmates live near you, or close by, who you can grab a lift with. Offer to throw in some petrol money.

If the repairs are going to be more than the worth of the car, consider buying a new one. Fast cash loans are available to those who meet the criteria, so you could buy a more reliable work vehicle.

The bottom line is to try and avoid repetitive car repairs by keeping your vehicle in good working order with regular servicing, and getting any problems seen to as soon as possible.