Finding Home Loan Advice in Social Media

In recent years, social media has increasingly become popular and has changed the way people communicate on the Internet. Because there are literally millions around the world engaging in social media, this makes it the largest audience for word-of-mouth marketing on a giant scale, for almost any company or industry. Read on for how social media marketing is being utilisedby home loan lenders and real estate agents.


Facebook is a great way for home loan lender companies to communicate and display messages of advice and news of their company. Their Facebook page can be used for consumers and clients to ask questions and get real answers about interest rates and loan options.

Once a company establishes fans through people liking their Facebook page or ads they click on, those fans will receive their content. This will happen through the company’s updates, which will appear in their fans’ newsfeeds. Furthermore, if they find that the advice or content from the home loan lender is appealing, they will share it with their friends. This attracts new followers and builds up the lender’s fan base on Facebook.

Mortgage brokers also use Facebook to keep in touch with their clients, even after they have helped them settle with a home loan. They can provide ongoing advice through their Facebook page, with market updates and changes in the home loan market. They can also answer any ongoing questions that their clients may have regarding their mortgage or financial circumstances.

For real estate agencies, Facebook is popular for maximising market opportunities. They can post updates and information on house listings, as well as advice on buying and selling decisions. Prospective homebuyers and sellers can send enquiries too.


Twitter is useful for building relationships between a company and their prospective clients or customers, as it provides an extra channel for communicating. Twitter can also be used as a real-time search engine,because it helps people to receive updated information on any topic or company.

The strategy for a company’s Twitter profile is to reflect on their brand. For home loan lender companies, they can use Twitter to tweet helpful information like mortgage rate updates and industry news. Tweets can also include links to relevant content or articles found on their website or a financial industry blog. Similarly, for real estate agents, Twitter is used to include tweets with details on listings and open houses, as well as industry news.


Home loan lender companies can utilise YouTube to communicate their messages on a more visual form through videos. Their videos are made to guide people through loan processes or applications. There are also testimonials from clients and customers. The success of a video can be determined by the amount of views it has. The most successful videos can generate up to thousands of views.

Real estate agents can also have a great presence on YouTube. Their video channels are popular for sharing tips, reports, advice, and current company or industry events. Agents can post videos of themselves too, answering questions posted by consumers on Facebook and Twitter. These consumers can also choose to subscribe to the agent’s YouTube channel, so that they will always be updated on their videos.