Cutting Summer Electricity Bills

In the summer your home will become unpleasantly hot and the vast majority of us will immediately resort to turning the air conditioning or fans on for 8 hours a day. The electricity used up by cooling your home is obviously significant and the bill from your electricity supplier will be large too if you do not find a way to cut back on usage. This article considers how you can reduce your electricity, and thus your bills, in preparation for the summer.

Create Isolation Points

Cooling your entire home is a mammoth task and it is a move that will greatly increase your electricity bills. There is no need, however, to cool your entire property during the day if you will not be using all of it. For most people the vast majority of the home will be unused throughout the day, so paying large amounts to cool the whole property is unnecessary. By creating areas that can be isolated by closing an insulated door, you can make it so that you need only cool one room instead of trying to reduce the temperature of the other 90% of your home that you are not using.

Use Natural Cooling

Natural cooling and isolation is another good means through which to reduce the cost of your cooling in the summer period. By making the effort to open solid doors and windows at night, you will be able to let the cool air in. You will need to install crimsafe doors to do this, but you will then be able to cool your home at night and trap the cool air inside before the midday heat by simply closing the windows. This natural cooling system will save you hundreds of pounds over the summer if you remember to open and close the windows when necessary.

Alternative Energy

In countries where the heat indoors is an issue in the summer, there is a lot to be said for solar panels. Getting an electrical contractor to install solar panels on your home before the summer will mean you no longer have to pay your electricity bills and will be creating all the energy that you then use. Solar panels can be an expensive purchase, but over the long-term they will save you a vast amount of money that would otherwise be wasted on electricity. An additional benefit is that this natural means of creating energy will be far better for the environment.


Generally insulation is considered as something to keep heat in, but it works equally well in the opposite way. By properly insulating your roof you will be able to reduce the amount of heat that seeps in through the roof. Dark roof tiles absorb heat quickly and without proper insulation you can quickly find your home heating up. Good insulation can work wonders in keeping your home cool.

Take a Swim

When it gets too hot to be at home, a good answer is simply to go for a swim somewhere else. Going to the beach or a local pool will enable you to keep fit with exercise and it will help you to cool down too. Your home may be comfortable, but instead of wasting cash on cooling it, getting out and cooling yourself down is a great alternative option. Even a paddling pool in the garden can help to reduce electricity costs as long as you use this to cool down instead of the air conditioning.