Chemical Safety Around Your House

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When the sun comes out, many of us begin to use fertilisers and other chemicals to make our backyards or gardens look nicer for summer. For those who have swimming pools, chemical pool cleaners come in very handy. But sometimes we forget that these chemicals can be very dangerous. The last thing you want is a mishap, because your chemicals were not stored safely, away from the reach of children. Here are some helpful tips for chemical safety around the home:

Install Locks on Cabinets

The first step to ensure that chemicals are stored safely in your home is to install safety locks on all cabinets that contain hazardous materials. If you have little children in your home, it is essential that you purchase childproof latches. Knowing that your children cannot access harmful chemicals will give you great peace of mind.

Store Away From Reach and Sight

Once the accessibility issue is addressed, you have to make sure that the physical location of the chemical storage area is appropriate. It should be away from the reach of children – in fact, it is best if your children do not know where the chemicals are stored at all. Preferably, store all harmful chemicals outside of the house, in a tool shed or garage.

Leave Chemicals in Original Containers

A common mistake some parents make is to store harmful chemicals in food containers such as plastic water bottles, soft-drink bottles, or coffee cans. This can have horrible consequences if your child mistakes the container for a food or drink item. This is why it’s essential to leave chemicals in their original containers or packaging.

Separate Food and Chemicals

Following on from the previous point, many parents store chemicals and food items near each other. Make sure that food and potentially harmful substances are stored as far away from each other as possible.

Place Chemicals Back in Storage

After using chemicals such as lubricants on your power tools or other equipment, it is important that you put the chemicals back where you found them. Leaving toxic chemicals lying around is highly irresponsible, because children might stumble across them without you knowing.

Product Guidelines

Many manufacturers of chemicals provide helpful guidelines on how to handle chemicals around the house. Be sure to take a look at these guidelines before using a harmful product. Always read the warning label on chemical containers. These labels have been drafted after careful consideration, which is why you should pay close attention to them.

Wash Your Hands

Don’t forget to wash your hands once you’ve finished using chemicals. Several cases are reported annually in which people mistakenly ingest chemicals because they forget to wash their hands. So if you’re using harmful chemicals, never forget to wash your hands thoroughly immediately after.

Chemicals play an important role in keeping our homes clean and our equipment in working order, but many of us forget that these chemicals are extremely dangerous. So remember to follow these safety tips every time you use chemicals in your home.