Celebrating Christmas with a Baby

Christmas baby
When you have a baby, your outlook on the holiday season will totally change. There are things that you won’t do anymore, but there are also things you’ll do that you never considered before you had a child. You need to determine what events you want to attend, so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and make your holidays exhausting rather than enjoyable. For example, if you create gourmet Christmas baskets for friends, consider purchasing a set online this year.

Buy Your Baby a Christmas Outfit

There’s nothing cuter than dressing your child up in a special holiday outfit. This might be a formal dress or suit, or an elf or baby Santa costume. If your baby is really new, you may want to avoid the super-formal dresses and three-piece suits, since it will make it difficult to change diapers and it may also be uncomfortable.

Take Holiday Photos

If you’re like most families, you’ll want tons of photos with your new baby this year. If you use a digital camera, you can upload these to the cloud or your computer and edit them as you go along. The best part is that you can quickly and easily send these photos to friends and relatives all around the world.

When taking a photo, avoid using a flash that is closer than one metre from a new baby. Use the zoom function to get up close, instead of shoving the camera in his or her face, and make sure you catch those ‘firsts’, like first unwrapped gift, first view of a lit Christmas tree and first sight of Santa.

Get Photos with Santa

Lots of parents love having their child’s photo taken with Santa. Many shopping malls offer this service for an affordable fee. Dreams can crash, though, when your child refuses to cooperate and screams and cries throughout the visit. You can either resign yourself to the possibility of unhappy photos, or wait until your child is old enough to be excited about Santa and agree to sit on his lap for a photo op.

Choose Christmas Gifts

Sometimes, it can be hard to choose baby gifts. The problem isn’t that the selection is limited; in fact, the opposite is true. There are just simply so many options that it can feel really overwhelming.

Don’t break the bank when it comes to your baby’s Christmas gifts this year. He or she won’t even remember the event and won’t enjoy opening presents as much as you’d like. Some appropriate gifts may include clothes, age-appropriate toys and books.

Of course, you can buy books he or she might enjoy in the future; don’t limit yourself to gifts in the age range in which he or she falls right now.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby should be simple and enjoyable. Don’t overbook yourself, because you don’t want to be constantly running around for the whole holiday season. No one will enjoy that, including your baby. Make age-appropriate gift purchases and don’t hold too high of an expectation when it comes to photos with Santa.