Activities to do in Scotland

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Scotland is generally a pretty diverse country in terms of its landscape and attractions. The weather is relatively uniform across the country, though, with temperatures changing based mostly on a person’s elevation. The summer months are sunny and particularly good for going to the beach, while the chillier months of spring and autumn are prime time to visit the Scottish Highlands and participate in more gruelling outdoor activities.

Without a doubt, the most popular thing done by most travellers during holidays is simply unwinding and relaxing in the country’s scenic settings. When something must be put on the agenda, though, the best activities vary by locations. At caravan sites like Seton Sands, the most popular activity is definitely lying by the beach and enjoying the rhythm of the waves.

Converting a van to a campervan for your holiday

Buying your own caravan, park home or motorhome can be expensive, while the options available can be pretty standard and may not be suitable for your requirements.

One way to save money and get exactly what you want is by using a van to camper conversions company. This option allows you to convert your van into a campervan or motorhome, and add bespoke extras such as elevating roofs, your choice of upholstery and different types of windows.

Conversions are relatively low cost at just £5000 for the basic option, and as everything is bespoke you can even add additional features at a later date if you’re on a budget.

Camping in Scotland

campingAt parks located within the Scottish Highlands, hiking and nature walks are particularly popular with travellers. So, too, are more academic pursuits that take advantage of the natural setting for research and other hobbies.

Camping is one of the top activities for travellers in Scotland. You can join organised campsites or go wild camping to some of the remote areas in the countryside. To camp safely and responsibly, here are a few guidelines as noted in Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code:

– Leave no trace of campfire and leave the area as you have found it

– Carry a trowel and properly bury any waste

– Never cut down or damage trees

– Always have a survival kit in tow in case of emergencies. Supplies should include: flashlights, a fire starter, a metal whistle, a folding knife, a waterproof blanket, and more. These can be typically bought in a ready package from outdoor supply stores.

– If unsure, always ask the landowner for advice.

Because it is such a small and compact country, sightseeing in major historical centres like Edinburgh is always at the top of every to-do list, especially for those who are visiting the country from particularly far-off


Why You Should Stay In A Serviced Apartment

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Whether you are prepping yourself for a long spate of international travel or you have work that needs to be done across the country, you’ll find that the issue of your accommodations must be addressed very quickly. There are many places to stay no matter where you are going, but if you want to make sure that your head is clear and that you can be very comfortable while you work or play, it is time for you to follow the trend of serviced apartments. An apartment of this sort offers you a stay that is very different from what can be offered at a hotel, and you may find that this is exactly what you need.

apartmentAt the most basic level, an apartment of this sort is an apartment that works like a hotel. However, instead of having the limits of a hotel room, it gives you all the comforts of home while you are on the road. Not only do you have a kitchen area to work with, you’ll also have all of the utensils that you are used to enjoying at home. When you are planning to be on a long stay, simply being able to prepare your own meals can be quite grounding, offering you a chance to settle into a routine that is not completely dependent on other people. On top of that, you’ll also save quite a bit of cash when you not eating out or relying on the hotel itself for every meal.

More and more companies have decided to adopt this model by creating corporate apartments when they know that their workers are going to be in the area on a routine basis. Corporate apartments can help their workers feel significantly more at home, increasing their productivity and helping them deal with being away from their own houses and lives, whether they are having a short stay or a long stay.

One thing that sets the serviced apartment apart from merely being a furnished apartment is the amenities that are offered. When you are on the road doing work or having fun, you might not want to deal with the day to day realities of home. For example, more and more apartments of this sort are adding services like laundry and housekeeping to the amenities offered. If you are working at a foreign location for eight or ten hours a day, one of the last things that you want when you get home is to be confronted with a tall pile of dirty laundry. Instead, you can simply set out a bag of your laundry, and then when you get home, you’ll have your clean clothes folded and ready for …

Volunteering Abroad

Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

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For many people from all walks of life, something that greatly appeals to them is the idea of volunteering abroad. Offering your time and skills to help vulnerable people in other countries is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, so it’s no surprise that so many people aspire to take part in one of these programmes. There may be more options available then you realised, so it’s worth considering all the potential benefits and looking into it for yourself.

Firstly, throwing yourself into something completely new is always a great way to gain life experience. You’ll be meeting very different people and be able to share experiences with them that will probably influence your later life for the better. Practically everyone who takes part in an overseas volunteering programme describes it as one of the best times of their life, and something they would never regret doing if only for the new perspective they gain. Travelling to see more of the world is something that naturally appeals to almost everyone, and this is an exciting and rewarding way to do it.

Not only that, but you can actually gain relevant skills and experience in the field you’re interested in as a career through volunteering abroad. If you have a unique skill set that’s valuable to a charity or organisation, they’d love to recruit you. Teaching English in schools, working on environmental projects and providing medical care are some of the most popular areas that may interest you. All this helps you build an amazing CV that will get you further in your later career.…

What Style of Vacation Suits You?

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If you have some free time on your hands and are looking to get out of your comfy furnished apartment, take a vacation! The big question is – what kind of vacation will you take? For those who need help deciding which vacation will work best for them, here are some vacation styles that might suit you:

Nature Excursion

For those who love natural beauty and enjoy the outdoors, a nature excursion vacation is a great place to start. These vacations typically involve lots of physical activity and time outdoors, so prepare accordingly with comfortable shoes and plenty of climate-appropriate apparel.

For those able-bodied enough to endure hikes and climbs, a nature excursion can reveal some truly stunning vistas no matter where you travel.

Guided Tours

Many people go on vacation on their own, free of any guidance, winging it all the way. However, some people prefer to have some structure to their vacation in order to see everything they want to see and to have things like transportation taken care of.

Guided tours are great if you want to maximise your time. They can also show you local insider secrets that most unguided tourists may miss.

Boys Only Xmas Party – London

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London is one of the UK’s largest cities, and there are plenty of activities on offer for any visitor. With a little forward planning, you can have a great night out. Just remember—have fun, but drink responsibly. You don’t want the night to be so big that you don’t remember it!


Make sure that you’ve got somewhere to stay for the evening! Don’t forget that the many hotels, hostels, etc. will all be filling up far in advance of Christmas. Don’t think that you’ll be able to wing it on the night, or you’ll likely end up on the street. If your group is planning to stay on in London for a few nights, it may be worthwhile booking some serviced apartments.

It’s also important to note that some places will have a “no parties” policy, so it’s probably best not to expect festivities to continue once you’re back at the hotel. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t crack open a Christmas hamper and enjoy a few treats before bed.


London is well known for having some of the best restuarants in the world. Boasting over 50 Michelin starred restuarants, you are guaranteed to find the most exquisite menu’s on offer.

Some of the best known restaurants to visit are:

Tips for Holidaying With Dogs

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Whether it’s a Skegness or Scotland, sometimes what to do with your dog can often be a source of trouble for many would-be holiday goers.

Finding a boarding kennel that can accommodate your beloved furry friend can sometimes be difficult, as can affording the hefty boarding fees. And, for some of us, the thought of sticking our pet in a boarding kennel is enough to make us sick with worry.

However, your pet doesn’t need to be a dampener on your holiday plans. Many holiday goers are now choosing to take their animals with them and this has seen a rise in holiday places tailored to meet you and your pet’s needs.

What shall be covered below are some useful (and essential) tips for planning a pet-friendly holiday.

Tip 1: Pet-Friendly Accommodation

It is essential when choosing to holiday with your pet that you source out and book accommodation that is pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly accommodations are designed to meet the needs of people who are holidaying with pets, so they have special areas for pets to run around and play in and pets are also often allowed to stay inside your accommodation.

However, when booking pet-friendly accommodation, contact them and find out exactly what their rules and regulations concerning pets are. This is to make sure that it’s suited to you and your pet.

Amazing Beachside Motorcycle Rides

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The thrill and feeling of being free that comes with journeying on a motorcycle cannot be beaten, and it certainly doesn’t get any better than when you speed along one of the world’s greatest coastlines. So grab your holiday insurance, your tuned-up motorbike, and a few of your best mates, and check out some of the following beachside motorcycle rides.

Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This quasi-circular route through Brazil’s southeast will give you a fantastic tour of the country’s best features. It is a 1,512-kilometre path that goes from Sao Paulo through the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains and down to Rio de Janeiro across a varying landscape of narrow, high-altitude highways, country roads, and plenty of winding coastline stretches. The route back will stun you with some of the best beach-hugging roads and the spectacular island of Ilhabela.

Cote d’Azur and Provence, France

Hidden in the glamour and opulence of the Cote d’Azur and the rustic country elegance of Provence, lies some of the most idyllic motorcycle paths for the romantic wanderer. Setting out from Nice in southeast France, you will experience the great shopping and fine beaches of a string of French Riviera towns,while cruising along the Mediterranean-hugging highways.

If you want to go inland for some time, then branching off into Provence will lead you down as many country roads as you wish, as you head towards Marseilles. Make sure to have your motorcycle intercom on the whole way, just in case any of your travelling companions feel drawn to explore down the quaint and picturesque country roads.

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Hidden Beauty of the Gold Coast

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Australia’s Gold Coast is a 40-kilometre stretch of stunning beaches that stretches from Coolangatta to Stradbroke Island. Surfers Paradise resorts are some of the most beautiful in all of Australia, if not the entire Oceania region and you will never be short of sights that will leave you wide-eyed with amazement.

Here are a few suggestions of places that you absolutely must include in your sightseeing schedule:

An Island Hideaway

An Island Hideaway is a four-acre private reserve that is discreetly nestled amidst the bushland of South Stradbroke Island. They cater to corporate events, weddings or just tourism day trips, where you can catch some of the beautiful coastal views and take a stroll in perfect peace and quiet.

From swimming to bird watching and guided walks through the wilderness, there is plenty to do at An Island Hideaway. Best of all, you’ll always be greeted with a smile.

Tambourine Rainforest Skywalk

If you’re more of a thrill seeker and are comfortable not having your feet firmly planted on the ground, you’ll love the Tambourine Rainforest Skywalk.

Before the walk begins, you can tour the Rainforest Eco Gallery, which contains a fascinating exhibition of the region’s animal and plant life and provides a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the local ecosystem.