Are Quick Plumbing Courses A Waste Of Money?

November 21, 2016 admin 0

Training providers in the UK have been criticised recently for advising people struggling to find work to take fast-track courses to become plumbers. In reality, the training offered on such courses tends to be inadequate or entirely irrelevant, leading to disappointment, debt and no additional income. In some cases in Scotland, trainees discovered they were paying to complete a course that doesn’t even exist.

Experienced tradesmen and firms, meanwhile, have a better understanding of the kind of work that’s really available and what typical customer requirements are. We spoke to one of the leading professional plumbers in Edinburgh, Fast Plumbing, who offer a range of plumbing services including emergency drain, shower, boiler and central heating repairs among others. They explained the disconnect between the benefits offered by fast-track courses and the requirements of a real job in plumbing.

“People sometimes have a misconception that these skills are easy to pick up, and a basic qualification will get you started,” they told us. “In Scotland you can’t even complete the NVQ level 2, which some people think they’re getting at the end. They wouldn’t even be able to register as a plumber, let alone find work. It’s not fair of these companies to make promises and fail to deliver.”…

Private science tuition for children

How a Private Tutor Can Enhance Your Child’s Science Skills

November 11, 2016 admin 0

There has been a lot of talk recently about the popularity of private tutoring for school students in the UK, especially in areas like science. Before you start looking at the benefits, it’s important to consider where you’re likely to find an appropriate tutor, how far you’ll need to cast your net to find success. For example, finding a recommended private science tutor in Sheffield may be a realistic goal if that’s close to you, whereas looking within your immediate local area if you live in a much smaller town or village might be more difficult. Fortunately, using local offline resources isn’t your only option – you can easily search online for the best option, find reviews and figure out the best option for you or your child.

It makes sense that tutoring is an attractive prospect for parents who want their children to do better in school, especially with subjects like science. Plenty of emphasis is still placed on biology, physics and chemistry teaching in the UK, with two or three GCSEs being offered for most students. Preparing for SATs, GCSEs, AS and A2 exams can be stressful for students, and perhaps increasingly there are reports of those students not feeling supported by their main school system. This is even the case for private schools, despite five-figure annual charges for the parents of pupils attending many of these institutions.…

cleaning safely

Chemical Safety Around Your House

September 26, 2014 admin 0
When the sun comes out, many of us begin to use fertilisers and other chemicals to make our backyards or gardens look nicer for summer. For those who have swimming pools, chemical pool cleaners come in very handy. But sometimes we forget that these chemicals can be very dangerous. The last thing you want is a mishap, because your chemicals were not stored safely, away from the reach of children. Here are some helpful tips for chemical safety around the home:

Install Locks on Cabinets

The first step to ensure that chemicals are stored safely in your home is to install safety locks on all cabinets that contain hazardous materials. If you have little children in your home, it is essential that you purchase childproof latches. Knowing that your children cannot access harmful chemicals will give you great peace of mind.

Store Away From Reach and Sight

Once the accessibility issue is addressed, you have to make sure that the physical location of the chemical storage area is appropriate. It should be away from the reach of children – in fact, it is best if your children do not know where the chemicals are stored at all. Preferably, store all harmful chemicals outside of the house, in a tool shed or garage.

Leave Chemicals in Original Containers

A common mistake some parents make is to store harmful chemicals in food containers such as plastic water bottles, soft-drink bottles, or coffee cans. This can have horrible consequences if your child mistakes the container for a food or drink item. This is why it’s essential to leave chemicals in their original containers or packaging.