Top 5 uses for a UV lamp

Top 5 uses for a UV lamp and ultraviolet light

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The ultraviolet light is very useful. It has many applications in the commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors. Ultraviolet light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. Its wavelength is close to that of X-rays and light.The LED technology is improving and so the UV LED lights are becoming more available in the market. The UV light has higher energy compared to the visible light and so it is more useful. Here we are going to discuss the various uses of UV lamps.


Tanning and skin treatment

UV light is used for tanning. It can be used to imitate the impact of sunlight on the skin. For indoor tanning, use of UV light is very common. In fact, many people prefer indoor tanning to sun tanning. The rays of the sun are not uniform, so it may cause sunburn at times. You also need to be under the sun for a longer period of time to get the tan. The indoor tanning, on the other hand, requires only about 20 minutes. Another disadvantage of sun tanning is that the sun contains both UVA and UVB beams. The UVA beams are responsible for the tanning, but the UVB beams are harmful as it might affect your DNA. The UV lamps used in salons for indoor tanning doesn’t contain any UVB beams. So, it is safer. Ultraviolet light is effective in treating smallpox lesions. UV phototherapy is effective in treating vitiligo and psoriasis. It can also prevent the growth of certain type of skin cancer.

Fluorescent inspection

UV lamps can be used to inspect various materials and surfaces. Materials react in different ways when they are exposed to the UV light. Some substances absorb the UV light’s energy and change it into visible light. It is called fluorescence. For example, the ink of a highlighter pen has fluorescent dye. So, the dye glows in the dark. UV lamps can provide efficient lighting in homes and offices. These lights are used to decorate nightclubs.The UV beams emit a black light. This black light is useful in many ways. It can be used to inspect splits, breaks, and various defects. You can view certain things using the UV light that are not visible to the naked eye. So, it is also used as an analytic tool. This light is used by the detectives and other companies for inspection of documents, forged bank notes, etc.

Disinfection and germ control

The ultraviolet light can inactivate the small creatures in the water. So, it is used for disinfecting drinking water. This process is absolutely chemical free and can effectively destroy bacteria that have a wavelength of 240 to 280 nanometers. The light destroys the bacteria’s capacity to …

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Finding the right company for office refurbishment

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If you’re looking to refurbish your working space area, you’ll need to make sure that you hire the right company who will do the job for you. Some factors would need to be considered when choosing to hire a refurbishment contractors. Let’s take a look the following checklist.


It’s important to check if the company is accredited or not. An accredited company will ensure that they provide a quality work throughout the project.


An ideal company for your project should have plenty of experience in able to fulfil the job. A reputable company are likely to showcase their previous work on their website or provide them for you when requested. They should also have a team of constructors and planners that have the right skills and experiences to carry out the job. You may want to ask them for some of their previous work that is similar to your project so that you can take a look at an example and results.


Make sure that the company are insured with the three most importantinsurance including the public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and the contractor’s insurance.

The public liability insurance is used to protect the clients who enter a building during a refurbishing work. It will be used to cover any damages caused by the refurbishment contractors. The professional indemnity insurance covers the contractors and the business in case of claims made by dissatisfied clients. The claims can involve the quality of your work or any mistakes or damage made that has cost your customer money. The contractor’s insurance will cover any cost equipment that was used on the job. This includes the machinery and tools.


Look out for companies who dedicate themselves into communicating well with their clients. Communication is essential when it comes to completing the project between the company and the client. Great companies will regularly communicate and update you with what’s going on with your project.

They should also be able to listen well to what you need or expect from the project.


Find out about the company’s reviews by their customers. Nowadays, you can easily find customer’s reviews online or on the main website. Look out for what their customer says about their service. Word of mouth and recommendations are also a good way of looking for a suitable company that may be able to meet and exceed your expectations.


Depending on your budget it’s worth considering looking at prices and quotes from different companies and see who can provide you with the best value for your money. You might find that some companies offer the same level of service for a much lower price. Refurbishing projects are


Designing Pharmaceutical Packing

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The design work that goes into the packaging every product we see on shop shelves is often overlooked. This is certainly true within the field of medical packaging, as this tends to look deceptively simple. In fact, carton packaging for medicines always needs to fulfil many essential requirements, so careful design is crucial.

High standards are imposed by the government and other healthcare organisations which explain how packaging for medical supplies, including cartons, bottles and other types, must be presented. Specific accreditations which ensure these high standards are met include the following:

• ISO 9001 Quality Management System
• PS 9000 Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials
• BRC/IoP Global Packaging and Packaging Materials

Due to the serious health implications of using most types of drugs inappropriately, usually by accident, following strict health and safety regulations is a serious matter when it comes to the presentation, promotion and sale of those products. Vital information must be conveyed clearly, including all the language used to describe the uses, limitations and potential side effects of any drug which must be explicitly set out for consumers.…

Are Quick Plumbing Courses A Waste Of Money?

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Training providers in the UK have been criticised recently for advising people struggling to find work to take fast-track courses to become plumbers. In reality, the training offered on such courses tends to be inadequate or entirely irrelevant, leading to disappointment, debt and no additional income. In some cases in Scotland, trainees discovered they were paying to complete a course that doesn’t even exist.

Experienced tradesmen and firms, meanwhile, have a better understanding of the kind of work that’s really available and what typical customer requirements are. We spoke to one of the leading professional plumbers in Edinburgh, Fast Plumbing, who offer a range of plumbing services including emergency drain, shower, boiler and central heating repairs among others. They explained the disconnect between the benefits offered by fast-track courses and the requirements of a real job in plumbing.

“People sometimes have a misconception that these skills are easy to pick up, and a basic qualification will get you started,” they told us. “In Scotland you can’t even complete the NVQ level 2, which some people think they’re getting at the end. They wouldn’t even be able to register as a plumber, let alone find work. It’s not fair of these companies to make promises and fail to deliver.”…

commercial kitchen

How Easy Is Installing a Commercial Kitchen?

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Many people dream of starting their own business in the food sector, or opening a branch of an already-popular restaurant franchise. You will definitely need a sizeable chunk of money to kick-start your new investment, and a broad selection of skills too, but one piece of vital infrastructure needs to be in place: a commercial kitchen! But how straightforward is it to get professional food preparation equipment installed in your place of business, and how can you make sure it’s all maintained correctly? Here are some points to consider.

Plumbing, gas and electricity – A major consideration is the piping and wiring needed for your kitchen to function. You may need to look at boiler installation services if this isn’t already set up. Everything has to be done to a very high standard to comply with regulations for commercial catering businesses.

Floors and walls – The finish of the room’s surroundings will affect how easy it is to attach and install all the fixtures of your kitchen, plus this will affect cleaning later. Tiles, wood, metal, concrete and so on all have different properties and present different challenges.…

Pound shops

The Rise of the Pound Shop

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If there’s one thing for sure in retail, customers love to have things made easy for them. If you can streamline and simplify a process, it’s normally more profitable to do so. Pound shops take this to the extreme – a single price for every item in the shop. Most of these items would cost much more elsewhere, so how do they do it, and why are we suddenly surrounded on all sides by these discount-focused retailers?

The question of how is an interesting one, as you may know if you’ve taken an interest in any documentaries about what goes on behind the scenes of these massive retail chains. Pound shops and similar clearance stores get their products from distributors of wholesale household items at low prices, so they can sell them on for a profit even at surprisingly low prices.

Buying in bulk is of course the key to getting massive discounts off the final recommended retail price. That means it’s vital that the bosses at these stores know exactly what they’re doing – huge shipments of the wrong product can spell disaster on these narrow margins. The decision-making process behind what appears on the shelves of your local pound shop is probably surprisingly complex, involving extensive calculations, focus groups and years of experience.…

Why You Need Professional Help For Your Company’s Information Security

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Computer support for businesses is available at a reasonable price. They will help when problems arise and also help you set up a secure network to minimise the chance of something going wrong. Here are some things every business owner should understand about network and computer security:

Your People Are Your Biggest Risk

Information does not get stolen on its own. It is stolen by people. Whenever there is a security breach and the police are involved, who will they question first? The staff of the company. Innocent actions and premeditated crimes are just two of the ways your staff can put you at risk. It is important to screen and monitor employees, and teach them the proper way to use your network, computers and security.

Total Security is Impossible

The only way to keep a computer secure is to turn it off and unplug it from the internet. If Sony can have their Playstation network hacked, you know there is little chance of keeping your company totally secure. The majority of emails in circulation are spam, and the majority of websites on the internet have malicious intent.

Helping Employees Deal with Trauma

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When one or more of your employees experiences trauma, while at work or away, as a good manager, you must follow proper procedures. If the trauma or injury occurred at work, or on a work-related errand, then you must have the employee(s) fill out a workers’ compensation claim. It is very important that you find out what other services the employee may require, such as counselling and medical attention.

Ensure That Everyone is Safe

The first thing to do, in the event of a traumatic event in the workplace, is to ensure all staff members – and clients – are safe. Next, call the appropriate organisations, such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Be forthright with your staff, and let them know what is going on. This will quell rumours from spreading around the workplace. Address any concerns that your employees may have immediately, and make sure to follow guidelines and company rules if there are any.

Set Up a Critical Incident Response Plan

Traumatised employees need help straight away. If the trauma did not occur in the workplace, ask what the employee plans to do outside of work hours, if he or she has support, and offer help.

Expect a wide variety of reactions from your staff. Some may:

  • Express anger, disbelief, denial, or depression.
  • Be in shock, or have angry outbursts or uncontrollable crying.
  • Appear numb or unaffected.
  • Experience confusion, forgetfulness, distraction, or irritability.


These reactions may be immediate, short-term, or ongoing.

How to Cash In on an Awesome Website

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So you have a fantastic website set up for your business – what’s next? A great website is an excellent basis for customer engagement and building sales, but how do you make the most of your website?

Here are some practical ideas for cashing in on your awesome new website:

1. Sync with Your Marketing Strategy

A great website with appealing website design is an essential starting point for your overall marketing strategy. Once you have your business website set up, you could look at integrating your site into your marketing strategy. Start looking into different ways to promote and get the most out of your website, such as:

  • Traditional marketing – Your business might use traditional marketing tools, like radio ads, print ads, or direct mail marketing. If so, these should reference your new website with a link. In cross-referencing your offline and online marketing materials, your business leverages your marketing channels for greater impact.
  • Internet marketing – Using paid Internet advertising is another way to direct more relevant traffic to your website. Other types of Internet marketing include e-Newsletters, guest blogging and social media advertising.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – Your business can enhance organic search results by using SEO techniques, so that more potential customers can find your website. Like paid advertising, SEO targets specific customers with the use of keywords or phrases.

Your Work at Home Checklist

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Working from home can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. It involves and requires a huge amount of commitment to enable you to make the most of the situation and stay committed when the sofa and a hot cup of coca beckons. One of the most important elements of running a home business is this high level of commitment, but there are several more unique elements which are needed in a home office:

New Email

When you join a company for employment the first thing that will happen is that you will be given a company email address. This is a testament to the importance of having a company domain for your emails. Having a style email address is far more professional than using a name@yahoo style email address and the change will be reflected in your business success. It is also important to ensure that you can achieve compatibility with all clients and companies. It is thus important to be prepared to convert from lotus notes to outlook and vice versa as this program will provide you with a far greater flexibility and allow you to cater to a wider range of company clients.

Comprehensive Insurance

When working for yourself, it is important to recognise that there is no support mechanism supporting you. You will literally be working alone and taking on the full responsibility of all that a business entails. One of the key elements of this is securing yourself during sickness or injury. In a company there would obviously be a period of time over which sick pay would be provided and your tasks would be covered in the interim. In a small business, however, the consequences are far greater because you will lose your income and also lose your customers because they will necessarily need to find alternative means to complete the jobs whilst you are sick. For this reason it is vital to get comprehensive income protection insurance so that you can guarantee an income even if you are sick or injured and unable to work.

Missing Out on Mobile Sales

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With so much emphasis on smartphones, it’s important to make your website as mobile-friendly as possible so as not to miss out on potential sales. Providing easy-to-use and interactive phone apps gives these ‘mobile’ customers a convenient way to stay abreast of promotions and deals. It also gives them an easy way to get in contact with your business.

The Impact of Mobile Sales

It used to be the case that you needed to visit stores/businesses in person to inquire about products, pricing and delivery, as well as make the purchase. However, in today’s digital world, people are increasingly relying upon their mobile device to do everything, from banking, scheduling, socialising, and shopping.

Today’s society is all about convenience. People lose interest easily and quickly, so providing them with easy ways to not only find your business but also make purchases from you is of crucial importance. In fact, a large number of people say that the one device they cannot live without is their smartphone.

Whether consumers shop or just browse your e-commerce site using their smartphone or tablet PC, it makes sense to optimise your website for mobile devices. There is just such a growing demand here that a company is going to end up missing a large number of potential customers if it doesn’t recognise this trend and take advantage of it.

How to Increase Repeat Business

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One of the hardest things to do in business is attract customers, so when you have hooked one, you want to make the most of it and be sure you have them coming back again and again. Whether your business specialises in printing services or business phone systems, the following are some great ways to increase the rate of repeat customers:

Offer Discounts

Once you have someone interested in your business enough to buy something, a good way to have them coming back for more is by offering them some sort of discount on a future purchase. Depending on the nature of your business, this could be in the form of a punch card system where you work your way towards a free purchase, or even just a straight percentage discount for repeat customers. Regardless, people like free stuff, so make sure that you are giving them a reason to come back again and again.

Exceptional Service

Being the best at what you do is the best way to constantly be increasing the return rate of your customers, as once they have found you, where else would they want to go? The way you handle any problems will do a lot to either help or hurt repeat business, so if there ever is an issue with anything to do with your products or services, take care of it straight away and you’ll likely turn an unhappy customer into an impressed one.

Providing Backup Computers at Work

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Having a few backup computers at hand could save your business a lot of wasted time and headache. They don’t necessarily have to be new computers; they may be older computers or legacy systems that are obsolete but still usable.

Here are a few considerations for setting up a backup system for your computing needs in the workplace:

1. IT Emergencies

IT emergencies can impose themselves on businesses and private users at the most unexpected, inconvenient times. You might use an ERP system with maintenance management software, along with a CRM system on an everyday basis. Should your IT equipment undergo a malfunction, your operations could be interrupted for hours, or even days.

Have you considered what this may do to your business and its product or service commitments? Without a stopgap system that quickly lets you get back on board, your business could lose valuable time and experience extended delays.

2. A Stopgap System

The right stopgap system will depend on your current business requirements. Generally, you’ll probably want at least one or two computers that are linked to the intranet, or have the capacity to be quickly linked to the intranet in the case of emergency.

These extra computers might be brand new computers, or they may be older equipment in good condition. You perhaps won’t need to provide a replacement computer for every single staff member; this would probably be impractical, as well as expensive. Instead, your stopgap system might only have a few computers that will allow you to conduct the essentials during an emergency.

If you’re using equipment, regular checks could ensure that your backup computers are still adequate for any emergency requirements. If you have a more complicated IT network or system, you should check with your IT service technician about how you can set up these additional computers or perhaps reinforce your server to improve backup facilities in the case of an emergency.

Figuring Out the Size of a Marketing Campaign

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A marketing campaign isn’t something that comes to you while you’re having a coffee break. Successful campaigns tend to be carefully researched and focused on details and execution, rather than based around a single, grand idea.

Planning a marketing campaign starts with understanding your position in the marketplace, and ends with details like the wording of an advertisement.

Emphasise your business ethos in everything, from uniforms to poster printing and your office decor.For example, if your products are naturally derived and organic, make sure all components reflect this, such as incorporating green bags and packaging.

Small Budget, Big Marketing

Most small businesses operate on tight budgets. You often have to watch your spending carefully, and this means reducing expenses in some key areas. But clever marketing is one area you can’t afford to downsize.

Effective marketing campaigns can bring in a large number of potential sales leads, making them important in building the company.

With tight budgets, many small businesses run small campaigns. However, this can cause the company to lose out on creating value with the promotion, as they fail to reach enough of the audience.

Reviewing Your Business Infrastructure

Reviewing Your Business Infrastructure

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Operating a business is a very difficult thing to do and it can be hard to find time to stop and think. If you have been in business for a long time, it is likely there will be inefficiencies within your company that you may not even recognise. Reviewing your business structure can open your eyes to huge inefficiencies and enable you to dramatically improve your operations. This article considers how to begin reviewing your business infrastructure.

Reduce the workload

In order to properly review your business processes it is important to ease your workload. If you are working full-time on the operational element of running your business then there is no way you can have time to look at your business strategically. Training a staff member to handle some of your workload will help you take a step back and look at your business and how it really operates. This will also help you with future succession planning too.

Project delivery

Improving Your Project Delivery Times

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Each business is unique, with its own individual challenges and requirements; however, the principles of business hold true, whatever the specifics of your situation. Whether you are running an office or a construction site, a lot of the tools that are used for improving productivity and efficiency are practically the same. For a detailed analysis of where your business can improve, there is nothing better than employing the services of a management consulting firm.

In the meantime, we have put together a few ideas to get you started thinking about how to improve your project delivery times.


A business is only ever as good as the people who operate it, so getting the right members of staff on board is the first critical step towards delivering your projects quickly and effectively. Take a look at your recruitment processes. Are you confident that they are sufficiently well designed to ensure that you always get the right people? Can your existing staff bear with this?

Consider whether you could benefit from working with professional recruitment consultants; they are not right for every organisation, but if you are struggling to identify the right people, they could help you make better choices.

Implementing online branding

Creating Fun Online Content for your Brand

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Having fun online content related to your brand is a great way to engage customers online – especially on social networks. This content should be closely related to your products or services but if it is fun and engaging, you will be very well placed to convert visitors into customers. Getting people to engage with your online content is the single best way to create customer loyalty and encourage them to make purchases in the future.

Using the Right Branding

Your branding is the cornerstone of all of your promotions and thus you will need to take steps to ensure that your branding is fun and interesting. A brand that does not speak appropriately to your target audience will leave you unable to convert. A good brand design that encourages your customers to engage and remember the company, will give you a good basis from which to build. Your brand design should be fun and appropriately aimed at the target audience of your business.

Creating a Quality Online Presence

To turn this brand into a successful system for promotions you will then need to take steps to turn it into a high quality online presence. Utilising professional online marketing and website design support is sensible because the skills required to produce a top quality web page are not easy to find. With professional web design, however, you will be able to create the template for a fun and exciting website that you can share with your customers that encourages active engagement.

Financial freedom

How to Have Financial Freedom in Your Business

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Financial freedom is something we all strive for, both in our personal lives and for our businesses. But with the never-ending spiral of needing to spend money to make money, it can seem impossible to ever achieve financial stability for your business. While it may be a long, hard road, the following tips will help you slowly make your way towards having financial freedom for your business.

Set Clear Goals and Make an Action Plan

If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, it will be very difficult for you to ever make it there. How much money do you want your business to earn? What is your plan of action to achieve that amount? What resources to you have to help you? Write up a detailed plan of action that includes your destination and how you will get there so that you can work towards reaching your goal every day. Even if your goal is still far off, you can always set short-term goals as you go.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget and sticking to it is an important step along the path to financial freedom. You absolutely need to keep track of your money so that you will always know where to cut back and how much money you have to play with. Be completely honest when you create your budget, and constantly refer to it and update it as necessary.

Improving Communication with Your Clients

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Improving communication with your clients is an ongoing battle that will certainly never end. You need to be available on the phone, quick to answer emails and committed to providing a rapid and high quality response that develops along with technology and market standards. Without this commitment your business will never be as successful as it could be because your customer base will not grow as it should. Whilst the battle for better communication will forever be ongoing, there is a new system that goes a long way to improving collaboration between service provider and clients. This article considers how cloud computing can benefit your company as a fantastic means of communicating with customers all over the world.

What is Cloud?

Cloud computing is the storage of data in external servers. These servers are separate from your business network and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, as long as you know the right passwords and details. Cloud services behave as though you could carry your internal business network around with you and it allows simultaneous access from all sides of the world.

How Cloud Can Improve Customer Communication

Customer communication usually takes two forms. It will either be in the form of questions and answers, or it will be a progressive and ongoing conversation about how to move forward with a project, service or system. With the question and answer type service, simply answering the phone promptly and being prepared with your information is the best way to address customers, but with ongoing discussions cloud computing offers a wonderful and unique system.