Basic Home Decor Tips & Ideas

Home décor tips

When it comes to interior design, you should always let your creative instincts guide you and experiment with different styles. There is no right or wrong most of the time, so feel free to do whatever suits you when designing your own home! That said, some practical tips will apply to almost everyone and potentially make the process a lot easier. Here are a few of our top pointers.

Create a central focus –

Having a focal point that your design is centred around will make your room look like it’s been designed professionally every time. Whether this is a feature wall with a different paint colour or premium wallpaper, an impressive fireplace or even a particular work of art, the right focus can make everything else in the room look better.

Choose your paint last –

It may seem rational to select the colour of your walls before you do anything else. After all, the room needs to be empty so you can paint it, then you add the furnishings after. Unfortunately this makes no sense when you think it through, and once you get the furniture in you might regret your choice. Buy your key furniture first and decide on the rest of the décor, then go back and paint your room when you’re ready to commit to a shade.

Avoid over-filling rooms –

Once you get carried away with a theme it can be easy to buy everything you see that matches, and get excited about adding new decorations everywhere. Unfortunately this can leave you with no space for anything practical! Space out your furniture and decorations to make sure the room feels as big as it is.

Plan your wall hangings –

People often make mistakes with hanging pictures and decorations on walls because when you’re up close it’s hard to see the big picture (excuse the pun). Take a step back and take photographs of the room to judge which walls you should hang decorations on, how large they should be and what height to fix them at. Mirrors are a great tool to create the illusion of more space if you place them strategically.

Put your creativity first –

Don’t be afraid to experiment and go a little crazy with your design ideas. If you think something will work and it goes against general design principles, throw away your guide and do it anyway! A personal touch will make your home feel more special.