Amazing Beachside Motorcycle Rides

The thrill and feeling of being free that comes with journeying on a motorcycle cannot be beaten, and it certainly doesn’t get any better than when you speed along one of the world’s greatest coastlines. So grab your holiday insurance, your tuned-up motorbike, and a few of your best mates, and check out some of the following beachside motorcycle rides.

Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This quasi-circular route through Brazil’s southeast will give you a fantastic tour of the country’s best features. It is a 1,512-kilometre path that goes from Sao Paulo through the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains and down to Rio de Janeiro across a varying landscape of narrow, high-altitude highways, country roads, and plenty of winding coastline stretches. The route back will stun you with some of the best beach-hugging roads and the spectacular island of Ilhabela.

Cote d’Azur and Provence, France

Hidden in the glamour and opulence of the Cote d’Azur and the rustic country elegance of Provence, lies some of the most idyllic motorcycle paths for the romantic wanderer. Setting out from Nice in southeast France, you will experience the great shopping and fine beaches of a string of French Riviera towns,while cruising along the Mediterranean-hugging highways.

If you want to go inland for some time, then branching off into Provence will lead you down as many country roads as you wish, as you head towards Marseilles. Make sure to have your motorcycle intercom on the whole way, just in case any of your travelling companions feel drawn to explore down the quaint and picturesque country roads.

Rome to Istanbul via Greece

This is a spectacular ride that will take you along the Mediterranean coast, and features beautiful vistas and some of the greatest food and culture you’ll find in southern Europe. Beginning from Rome, head down to the town of Positano and veer east through the Apennines to the town of Alberobello. A ferry will then take you to Greece from where you can island-hop your way towards Turkey. From there, you can take on the difficult winding road through the Boz Mountains and on towards Istanbul.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

If you want to see some of the most spectacular ocean scenery, while driving along the most iconic coastal road in Australia, then you must take your motorbike to the Great Ocean Road. Starting in Torquay in Victoria, you will pass by the famous Bells Beach, as well as many small and secluded beaches, as you head west from Apollo Bay.

Motorcycling enthusiasts will quickly understand why this road is so spectacular, as they speed along the highway, which has been carved into sheer cliffs that drop away into the ocean, offering a first-hand glimpse of the waves that swell and crash into the rocks and beaches below.

Cape Town to Johannesburg, South Africa

The drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg is both incredibly unique and challenging. Starting from Cape Town, you will experience amazing seafront terrains, vast grasslands, canyons and green valleys. After passing through the ocean-hugging towns of Cape L’Agulhas and Knysna, the road will take you northeast where you will be treated to the beautiful mountain terrain of the small Kingdom of Swaziland. From there, you canhead west towards bustling Johannesburg.